The first mark God imprinted on me that changed the spiritual lens through which I viewed my world, was at the age of 18.

Over a period of months, in the privacy of my bedroom, I experienced a home deliverance, received the gift of tongues, a personal written word (of warning), and the Bible verse - Galatians 5:13.

When something of that magnitude happens to you, especially something you’re not in control of, it changes you.

And all of a sudden I felt more misplaced than ever.

Misplaced. I would suppose it’s something we all can relate to.

Some more than others.

A deep need to be seen and heard - most often by something greater than any human can offer.

I have blogged about single mom life and touched on other things I am passionate about but Substack seems a fitting place to release my voice in this phase of life.

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